Sadly because of the virus, not all Anglican churches are open, or open with limited resources. Father Max Bowers has been using the app "Zoom" to keep in contact with fellow Anglicans and whilst this method of communication is not perfect, it at least allows visual and speaking contact with each other. As a result, a Sunday Mass (2nd, 4th & 5th weeks) and Zoom Cuppa (1st & 3rd) allows for people to continue to receive the physical sacrament, but in their homes. To view a copy of the service sheet, Click Here.

So who is welcome to join in the Home Church Zoom Mass?
All are Welcome:... and especially those who feel they are being deprived from receiving the actual sacrament on Sundays and looking for a more personal and relaxed approach to the current Web masses..

If you would like to be a part of our Sunday Zoom Mass or Zoom Cuppa, first have a look at some of the "Zoom Mass and Cuppa" videos to see if you would be interested to join us, and then you can indicate your interest by clicking here

To share your Anniversaries with the group, Click Here

This site is complimentary to Anglican parish ministry and not instead of.

This low key site helps the group function. Further more, once parish churches have fully opened, this temporary ministry will most likely cease or be adapted further..

  To understand how to link in to the 'zoom' service click on the zoom graphic.

The 'Zoom" presented Home Mass is celebrated on 2nd, 4th & 5th Sundays.
10am SA time. 10.30am Victorian, NSW & Qld time.

Sunday 11th and 25th October - Zoom Mass
Sunday 4th and 11th October - Zoom Cuppa

Zoom videos Click Here  

We have now added a Zoom Cuppa and chat on the in-between Sunday.

The idea is (over 30 minutes) we will have the chance to share our week past or a (as the kids would say) have a share and tell. The Zoom Cuppa is an additional care outreach that keeps us better connected with each other.

So, get yourself a cup of tea or coffee (or something stronger), log in, sit back and enjoy each others company.

Current Month Zoom cuppas - Sunday 4th & 18th October
10am SA time. 10.30am Victorian, NSW & Qld time.





Zoom recordings from previous Sunday Mass Services or Zoom Cuppa - Click on the graphic on left.

On this web page you will also find two 15 minute videos to get an idea of how the Zoom Mass and Zoom Cuppa each function.

Reserve Sacrament forwarded to members monthly to use in the service.
CLICK HERE if you would like to indicate your interest (or not) in attending a weekend camp away at Halls Gap Victoria once the borders are open and restrictions are eased. This is just to get an indication of what interest there may be. (Possibly Late 2020 or early 2021)


To share your special family dates
- Birthdays, Anniversaries etc,
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0409 441 24