LOWEST COST NOW IS - $9.51 per week

Today, if a parish does not have a 'current' web page, then they are communicating a wrong message to the community. It is a mistake thinking that only the younger generation are interested in this media. More and more older people (50+) are relying on this form of media for a wide range of needs and information today.

A 'searching' potential parishioner may interpret the lack of, or not up to date web site, as a parish that has a 'don't care' attitude to new comers and as a result search elsewhere.

A web page that is kept current is an impressive and inexpensive tool to communicate who and what the parish is about.

It can be very threatening for potential new Christians to just turn up on Sunday. They need to know (in advance) if the parish is likely to provide the resources they require in the next stage of their journey.

The beauty of a parish web page is that people are able to surf the web in privacy, to see if a particular parish is offering what they are seeking.

We are offering parishes a way of maintaining a web page that recognises the limited volunteer resources parishes have these days. It is not that the expertise is not there. It is just not offered by parishioners.

We are offering to set up a web page for the parish and maintain it regularly with what ever material you would like put there. All this requires of the parish is for material (Text and pictures) to be sent via email or on disk or simply posted in hard copy whenever you wish new material to be added.

To establish your requirements, we will make contact with you initially and offer various suggestions to make the task easier.

How the parish uses this media is entirely in their hands.
Some suggestions include:-
1Parish contacts
1Parish style, activities, worship offered and worship times etc
1Weekly newsletter, Parish Paper
1Photos/videos of parish happenings
1Coming events, promotions
1Youth pages
1Parish mailing lists
1Wedding, Baptism information and downloadable application forms
1Maps of how to get to the parish church
1Sunday readings
1Parish Rosters
1Church History of the particular church
1Parish diary
1Pictorial slide shows
1Parish Blog page where parishioners can check in to see what is happening in
    "live" time.
1Counter on the site so you know how much traffic it attracts
What does the Parish need to do?
We will suggest ways that will make it easier for the parish to obtain and provide material. No expertise is required. Just simply email what you want added to your site, text, pictures, video, rosters, parish roll etc. If initial files are too large, put them on a disk and forward that. We will do the rest.

This is often where the parish comes unstuck.
We recognise the limitations here and our team have all had parish experience in this regard at the highest level. It is also recognised that some parish leaders will appreciate this media and others won't and so it is essential that a package is put forward that is affordable and has an escape clause for the doubters.

Basic costs are as follows:
1Initial $100 up front deposit which is non-refundable.
1Full cost of setting up the site initially is $500 (in addition to the deposit) and this is     paid once the site is up and running.
1Updated as required (paid in advance) an annual cost of $495 - This works out at     approx $9.51 per week) All it  requires is an email with the material
    to be uploaded.
1Very inexpensive for peace of mind.

There is limited risk to the parish.
If the parish is not happy with the site after three months and does not wish to continue, then the site set up fee of $500 is fully refundable. The $100 deposit and three months pro-rata maintenance fee ($ 125) is not refundable.

Further more, the parish can opt out of the arrangement at any time.

When you consider that other professional web sites cost thousands of dollars to produce and maintain, this discounted offer is a most generous offer. It is also in keeping with limited parish resources whilst maintaining a professional approach.

If you would like to talk this over further, then why not make contact with us by clicking here and we will contact you directly.
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