Photos for Lent 2011 - Click on the photo for a larger size
The site of the story of the beatitudes Notice the nail is correctly shown in the wrist and not in the hand as many display it.
The Church of all Nations - Immediately behind the Garden of Gethsemane The Garden of Gethsemane. The Oliver trees here would have been there when Jesus was taken by the soldiers
In the Church of all Nations, the communion rails have the metal cup in the design This is the spot where Jesus asked for the cup to be taken away from him. The altar is in the shape of a communion cup
Church of Saint Peter - Site of the High Priest's home Jesus would have been lowered through this hole to a holding cell below. (Below the High Priest's home). This was the only way in and out.
The holding cell below the High Priest's home The Golden Gate where Jesus would have travelled through on the donkey in the Palm Sunday story
This shows the markings of a game the soldiers played called "The King Game" This is on the actual street Jesus would have carried his cross when moving through the city The original road that Jesus walked on is many metres below the Sisters Chapel
The market where the soldiers would have had to push through while Jesus was carrying his cross to calvery The site of what is believed to have been Jesus tomb
The actul tomb inside where Jesus would have been laid The place of the skull in the quarry where Jesus was buried. Today called the "Garden Tomb"
The track where the stone at the entrance would have been rolled along Typical tomb where the bones of the dead are stored once they reach the skeleton stage
Pool of Siloam Painting on wall depicting how it would have looked in Jesus day
The actual tunnel King Hezekiah had carved out to allow the water to from into the city  
Typical desert scene similar to where Jesus would have spent that time in the wilderness