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Parishes individually, or collectively, Deaneries etc may like to use our seminar resource for innovative "Family Worship" and outreach ideas relative to the the new millennium.

These seminars are designed to suit the parish or area concerned, and as a result can cover a wide range of topics, like those suggested below.

(Each seminar is tailored to the needs of the requesting parish/deanery/diocese from the following suggestions)

It is most disturbing how parishes shoot themselves in the foot with their lack of welcome. Many live in denial and can't understand why anyone would think they were unwelcoming. Check this link for more info.

How to make your parish more acceptable to your community. (Valued)

All inclusive "Family Worship" or "All age worship". The term family is not meant to exclude anyone, but includes individuals, couples, families, children etc.
This involves
(a) Looking at the structure and style of the service to be user friendly
(b) How to involve the congregation in the service (Not just pew sitters)
(c) Making the service 'child' friendly whilst not excluding other ages
(d) Developing an effective worship committee for the family service.
(e) How to design community style services that attract the unchurched
(f) How to keep new people once they start coming and what to do to integrate them
(G) Use of modern media in worship
(h) Alternatives in music when you don't have a competent musician.

Making home groups more interesting and exploring the "How, When, Why" of Grass Roots Resources study materials.

Enabling the laity to be more committed both financially and physically. (Planned giving strategies)

Workshops on Web design and designing/publishing of printed materials.

Design of effective notice boards, letter box drops, general handouts etc.

These seminars are conducted in your own area and can be arranged for:-
* Groups of parishes close together
* Deaneries
* Individual parishes.

The costs for the workshops involve airfares/transport within the country concerned, accommodation and a donation for the time spent in the parish/area. The Seminars are subsidised by "Grassroots Resources" as an outreach ministry

The actual workshop(s) would be areas of ministry as requested by the parish, deanery etc

These can be over a week or evenings or weekends to suit the parish(s)

There is only one pre-requisite for parish seminars:
It is essential that the Parish Priest is on side and prepared to attend the seminar(s). We find that it does more damage getting the laity enthused only to return to their parishes to find the parish executive not on side with what they have experienced.

If you would like to see what various Clergy and Lay people say about the seminars, then click here:

Costs are not prohibitive. If interested, at least explore the possibility. For further information ring

0409 441 246

If ringing/faxing into Australia the International numbers are:
Phone: 61  4  0944 1246    
Email: info@grassroots.com.au


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