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Study Book for 2014

Based on the readings for year A

Godly Steps

Bishop Bill Ray


Based on the Readings
for Year C

Homeward Bound
Bishop Doug Stevens


Based on the OT readings for Year 'B'

Faith Rudder
Bishop Bill Ray




Lent Study

Based on the Gospel Reading
for Year C

A Spendthrift Lover
Bishop John Parkes


Lent Study

Based on the Gospel Reading
for Year B

Earthing our Faith in Love
The Rev'd Ron Browning


Based on the Gospel readings
for Year 'A'


Easter Journey
Bishop Bill Ray



"Being an Anglican Today" Written by Bishop Andrew Curnow. Suitable for any time in the year.

Being an Anglican Today
Bishop Andrew Curnow


Lent is a time to make sure we are on track. The five studies are based on the Lenten (YEAR B) Old Testament and the New Testament Epistle readings. They explore what covenant means in the Old Testament and whether it is relevant to us in today’s world . The studies also explore how we can nurture our faith and enjoy the promises of God.

Staying on Track
Archdeacon Bill Ray



These studies aim to make contemporary, some of the tradition around the journey of our soul : From awareness of those things that separate us from God and each other, through to the sustained reality of deeper communion in Jesus Christ.


Loving God and each other
Bishop Philip Huggins



"Lent with Luke" (YEAR C GOSPELS) covers the subjects of Temptation, Courage, Judgement, Forgiveness, Anointing and Communion with Jesus. This resource was sold out in Lent 1998. The reprint has been popular since then.


Lent with Luke
The Rev'd Brian Haig



The weekly themes for the five part study are:
1. Being an effective member of the Body of Christ.
2. Worship that relates and strengthens us.
3. What is means to be a Healthy Church.
4. Partnership.
5. How to be the Future Church

Being a Christian in a the Church
Bishop Andrew Curnow



Study content includes:
1. GOD - Understanding God in our contemporary world
2. BIBLE - Understanding scripture in ways that are relevant and meaningful.
3. PRAYER - How to not feel guilty about our prayer life.
4. CHURCH - Images of the church of today and how to be seen as relevant.
5. MISSION IN THE WORLD - Defining the past whilst engaging the future as an emerging church.

Being a Christian in the 21st Century
Bishop Andrew Curnow


The book gives us the chance to be in close communication with God, and at the same time achieve a sense of practicability in our prayer life.

Music to God's Ears

The Rev'd LLewlyn Jones


The five studies and associated Scripture readings are:
1. Working Together to develop a sense of relevancy - Acts: 18
2. Developing a Vision of what we could do - Acts: 16
3. Sharing our faith in a Contemporary World - Acts: 4
4. Meeting Together and developing Community- Acts: 15
5. Objects of our Worship that relate to a secular world - Acts: 17


Being Christian
in a Secular World

Bishop Andrew Curnow



A special deal where you can receive the three books in the "Being a Christian" series for the price of two books.

A saving of $$11.50 per set


Being Christian in the
• Secular World
• 21st Century

Bishop Andrew Curnow


A very popular study using the symbols of The Passion. We are very visual people and this study helps to encapture this reality and help people feel involved.

Wood to the Weave
The Rev'd Richard Stamp






A powerful book which considers what essentials are needed for the task of Evangelism. It looks at many of the starting points of providing a parish with the tools necessary to make their church relevant in their community.

Nurtured to be Free
Bishop Andrew Curnow





The complete Over the Moon Family Worship Series
The Rev'd Max Bowers - $29.95 (Save $14.80)

* Each idea in the 'Over the Moon Series'contains the following material (1) Theme (2) Overview of the purpose of the day (3) Suggested hymns and readings (4) Special prayer for the day (collect) and a special blessing at the end (5) Practical sermon activity for the whole family.

* Background on why a Family Service is necessary * How to involve families in the service
* Suggested format/layout for the actual service you can photocopy
* Each of the Family Services in Lent have outlines in full * Eight suggested ways of "doing" the intercessions
* An exciting Good Friday Service
* An index of the contents


Over the Moon Family Worship Series 1
The Rev'd Max Bowers


* Additional novel ways of preparing the intercessions so it involves the whole family.
* Special services - Good Friday, Seder meal with Holy Communion and feet washing ceremony.
* Pewsheet graphics
* Developing a special "awards" book for kids where they are rewarded with points weekly for various tasks etc.
* Index of books 1 & 2

Over the Moon Family Worship Series 2
The Rev'd Max Bowers



* Christmas play as an alternative to the service of 9 lessons and carols. * Play on what a Bishop does.* TV Play for Palm Sunday.
* Father's day service
* Mothering Sunday service
* Australia Day service
* Spring festival service
* Pet Sunday service
* Recognition certificates for a job well done, and the "Popcord award" for a similar purpose.
* Indexes for Books 1 - 3

Over the Moon Family Worship Series 3
The Rev'd Max Bowers

Sold Out

* Similar format to book 3
* 16 additional ways of preparing the intercessions
* A special Christmas story. It is designed so the children can pick the mistakes.
* Indexes combined for books 1-4

Over the Moon Family Worship Series 4
The Rev'd Max Bowers


* Similar format to book 4, although the layout is a little different. This book also includes many great ideas for family worship. * Combines indexes for all 5 books

Over the Moon Family Worship Series 5
The Rev'd Max Bowers



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