* Background on why a Family Service is necessary
* How to involve families in the service
* Suggested format/layout for the actual service you can photocopy
* Each idea in the book contains the following material
(1) Theme
(2) Overview of the purpose of the day
(3) Suggested hymns and readings
(4) Special prayer for the day (collect) and a special blessing at the end
(5) Practical sermon activity for the whole family.
* Each of the Family Services in Lent have outlines in full
* Eight suggested ways of "doing" the intercessions
* An exciting Good Friday Service
* An index of the contents

* The same format for Family Service ideas as book 1
* Additional novel ways of preparing the intercessions so it involves the whole family.
* Special services - Good Friday, Seder meal with Holy Communion and feet washing ceremony.
* Pewsheet graphics
* Voice from the pew idea. A way of enabling the congregation to have their say.
* Developing a special "awards" book for kids where they are rewarded with points weekly for various tasks etc. These points are redeemed when they have sufficient to choose from the special prizes display.
* A combined index of books 1 & 2

* Family ministry ideas which include hymns, readings, practical sermon activity and materials needed for the activity
* Easter sunday activity
* How to make an equipment trolley that can double as a stand for a TV, blackboard, pin board etc. It also is designed to house the materials needed for that days activities.
* How to use an overhead projector to tell the gospel story, and two outlines. One the Good Samaritam and the other the Lost Son.
* Christmas play that could be used as an alternative to the service of 9 lessons and carols. It includes the four sketches that could be blown up on an overhead master to redraw into backdrop sizes. These would then be painted and used in the service to provide atmosphere.
* Play on what a Bishop does.
* TV Play for Palm Sunday.
* Father's day service
* Mothering Sunday service
* Australia Day service
* Spring festival service
* Pet Sunday service
* Recognition certificates for a job well done, and the "Popcord award" for a similar purpose.
* Indexes combined for Books 1 - 3

* Similar format to book 3
* 16 additional ways of preparing the intercessions
* A special Christmas story. It is designed so the children can pick the mistakes.
* Indexes combined for books 1-4

* Similar format to book 4, although the layout is a little different. This book also includes many great ideas for family worship.
* Combines indexes for all 5 books