Special note from the Parish Priest

One of the great joys in ministry is to see the excitement on children's faces in worship.

The difficulty for those of us approaching "Over the hill" status is the constant rethinking we need to do about children's ministry.

Children become bored so easily, but it is impossible to make every family service 110% exciting. (This problem is increased as we have a family service every Sunday).

The activity is always undertaken at the rear of the church where an area has been created for the children to work.

This has meant that the families are in the one building for the whole service and children can go back and forwards to their parents as they wish.

The children's talk happens after the gospel and then while they go to the back tof the church (in the narthex and side rooms)to make the activity for the day, the adults are given a dialogue type of address.

Then at the end of the service, the children come out the front and show (and in some cases explain) their creations.

Not all of the above would be appropriate in your church, and that is OK. It is important to find what works for your congregation, but don't be wary of trying new things. This can produce better worship and keep excitement high.

Above all, don't lose heart. Remember. The difficulties you are experiencing 95% of the time, will be the same difficulties we all experience.

Hang in there. Those smiles and giggles are worth the sweat and tears.

  November  2003