Shrine Prayer Need
Your special prayer need will be offered by our special "Prayer Group"
as well as laying your need at the altar with the
Sunday Congregation as well.
We don't require the surname but need to know if the prayer need is for a child, teenager or adult.
We will include your request for four weeks. If you require the prayer need to continue after
that you will need to re-request it.
Christian Name
Location List the City or Town where you live
Your State List the State where you live
Email address
First name of the person you wish us to pray for
(You can add surname as well if you wish)
Age of person Child        Teenager        Adult
"Basic" background on what the special prayer need is for
Are you OK with us including your name only in the 'prayers' section of the pewsheet? Yes     No     Just for the prayer group

Your Special Prayer Need will be treated confidentially

Please keep us advised how this prayer need is answered